What we do

HiLearn is a Technology company based in Yerevan, Armenia. Together with our exclusive strategic partner Wealth Technologies, Inc. a fully own subsidiary of MoneyLion Inc. we are disrupting Algorithmic Financial Advice industry with innovative products.

HiLearn started as a algorithmic trading startup, but we pivoted in late 2019 to form a strategic partnership with Wealth Technologies Inc, and recently with MoneyLion.

Personal Financial Future Planner

Our primary focus right now is to launch Aqqru - an Personalized Financial Advisor Product, a sneak pick on the technology we have been building for a while.

Long Term Market Simulations

We do Market Simulations of a universe of assets (stock, bonds, funds) using MorningStar Asset Classes. Simulations are than used to create financial advise for regular people.

Demographics Analysis

We use different data sources to build a unified demographics database, that allows us to understand consumer needs, and help with user clustering.


We have recently launched a teaser product for a Car Calculator that uses the WealthTech's fGPS™ platform.